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The monsters of Mon world..

[:Monster Guide:]

Behemoth--He is a bluish green color and very powerful! Watch out for his sharp horn and strong stomp!

SquirtFish--A huge brown fish with a strong water attack!

Zeechi--A small teddy bear type monster. Rockna's pet and friend!

Chimera--A three headed creature that has the power of fire!

Bisonator--A brown furry huge bison that is very fast for his weight.

Fog Dragon--A grey big dragon that makes fog to hide himself and defend himself.

Fish Men--A monster that has a beautiful voice and beautiful body. Very weak physicaly but not musically.

Gill Men--This monster is a warrior and is alive to fight. A group of them can take on anything!

Toad Warrior--A huge toad..a fear that Rockna has! This warrior is lazy but strong!

pegasus--When it is a baby its cute and cuddly! When it grows up it's beautiful and powerful..A good friend with Mondo and he is always following him!